Master the Language of Medicine!

Maximize memory retention for students and professionals

“There’s nothing even close to this system out there.”

Dana Reece CPC, CPC-P

Vice President of the Tampa Bay Professional Coders

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"I use the Dean Vaughn system for medical terminology and my students absolutely "rock-it" with this system!!"
Karen Compton RN
Health Science Instructor at Green County Area Technology Center

Medical Terminology

The smartest way to learn and remember the language of medicine.

  • Visual and audio cues designed to maximize learning and retention.
  • Remember, pronounce, and apply the meanings of 250+ Greek and Latin word parts that combine to form 11,000+ complex medical terms.
Self-directed Learning
Learn subjects quickly, and with maximum retention.

Learn without taking notes, without doing homework or the monotony of repetitive exercises.

Health Science

Master medical terminology AND anatomy–the cornerstones of healthcare knowledge

  • Remember the names and locations of the major parts in each body system, and the associative medical terminology.
  • Explores structures, function, common diseases and disorders, basic anatomical terms and universal medical terminology
Self-directed Learning

Human Anatomy

Sharpens knowledge of anatomical terminology and body structure

  • Teaches anatomical terminology, direction and location, as well as the names of all the major parts in each body system–including all 206 bones of the skeletal system
Self-directed Learning

Can be completed in as little as 12 hours, learned over a period of days, weeks, or months.

Dental Education Home Image

Modular in design: Provides the flexibility to teach and learn lessons independently.

Dental Education

Fastest and most effective method to teach the most used Greek and Latin medical words used in the practice of dentistry

  • Master the anatomical names and locations of the teeth, mouth, and throat, supporting structures of the teeth, and dental nomenclature
Self-directed Learning
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