Health Science Online


As active learners in Foundations of Health Science, students will be expected to:

  • Complete the Pre-test to establish a basis for measuring individual accomplishment.
  • View and carefully participate (i.e., pronouncing the medical and anatomical information along with the narrator; visualizing the audionym and its association) in the video presentation for each lesson.
  • Complete all associated, lesson-based learning activities and reading assignments.
  • Perform a final review of medical terminology and basic human anatomy (including associated medical terminology) content.
  • Complete the Final Test to assess knowledge and understanding of health science foundations.
Can be completed in as little as 14 hours
Remote online or in-person
Modular in design for flexible learning and teaching
No prior knowledge of Health Science required
Closed-captioned, ADA and SCORM Compliant
Learn subjects quickly, and with maximum retention.

Learn subjects quickly with maximum retention

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