Medical Terminology DVDs


Best for in-classroom learning

Box set of 14 DVDs includes Instructor’s Guide with Lesson Plans

Taught with companion Learning Guide for students to master coursework.

As active learners in Medical Terminology DVDs, students will be expected to:

  • Complete the Pre-test to establish a basis for measuring individual accomplishment.
  • View and carefully participate (i.e., pronouncing the medical term, audionym and meaning along with the narrator, visualizing the audionym and its association) in the video presentation for each lesson.
  • Complete all lesson-based Reading Assignments and Learning Activities. Perform a final review of 350 medical elements.
  • Complete the Final Test to assess knowledge and understanding of medical terminology.
Can be completed in as little as 14 hours
learned over a period of days, weeks, or months
No prior knowledge of Medical Terminology required
Learn subjects quickly, and with maximum retention.

Learn subjects quickly with maximum retention

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