Your Nursing Specialty Based on Your TikTok Feed

Are you unsure of what nursing specialty to pursue? Let this TikTok algorithm decide your fate based on your feed!

We did an in-depth analysis of viral TikTok users and those that commonly came across the #ForYou page. In this article, you will find the eight most popular TikTok users and trending hashtags in diverse categories. 

Some of the users include @pudgywoke, @menwiththepot, and @maseplace, see what nursing specialty[pillar backlink] they are correlated with below. Find out which specialty you belong to based on who comes up on your TikTok feed! 

@pudgywoke – Labor & Delivery Nursing

  • You’ve been following Pudgy from the beginning
  • You are extremely patient, caring, and compassionate
  • These are perfect traits for a career as a labor and delivery nurse

@menwiththepot – Travel Nursing

  • You enjoy seeing this duo cook up delicious meals outdoors
  • You would want to be a part of the action!
  • You enjoy travel and providing patient care
  • This is the perfect recipe for a career as a travel nurse

#CleanTok – Geriatric Nursing

  • You are a big fan of all things clean
  • The sounds and sights of the cleaning process are alluring
  • You are drawn to satisfaction, enjoy gratifying work, and have a lot of patience
  • You would be a fantastic geriatric care or long term care nurse

@copslivetv – Emergency Department/ICU Nursing

  • You enjoy the thrill of the chase, but don’t mind blaring sirens
  • You can keep a cool head under pressure
  • You have seen some terrors that motivate you to heal those affected by traumatic events
  • This would make you perfect as an emergency department or intensive care unit nurse

@maseplace – Psychiatric Nursing

  • You enjoy following Mason and his cat, Cooter!
  • You like analyzing complex things and pay careful attention
  • You are analytical and utilize critical thinking skills
  • This would make you a great fit as a psychiatric nurse

@partyshirt – Medical-Surgical Nursing

  • You’ve been an avid follower of Xavier and Nick
  • You enjoy seeing their username tagged in videos that you’re skeptical of
  • You never jump to conclusions
  • You are creative, a critical thinker, and dedicated
  • This would make you a perfect fit as a medical-surgical (med-surge) nurse       

@rah_money1 – Disney Nursing

  • You enjoy Rahim’s creative food combinations
  • You’ll never say “sure” any other way
  • You have a combined love for helping people with your practical skills
  • And those would pair well with the creative and innovative nature of a Disney nurse

#ASMRtok – Forensic Nursing

  • You get a feeling of satisfaction from watching and listening to crunches and crumbles
  • Whenever you eat something crunchy, you think “I could do ASMR!”
  • You have high attention to detail and get satisfaction out of simpler things
  • These traits make you a great fit as a forensic nurse

What’s next?

Was this accurate? We hope this will lead you toward your dream specialty[pillar backlink] as a nurse, even if you find yourself in a career path not listed. 

Now, drink some cranberry juice out of the jug – and check out what we are doing on TikTok @dean.vaughn too!    


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